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About Spencer County Clerk, KY

The Spencer County Clerk is an elected official responsible for a variety of administrative tasks and services in Spencer County, Kentucky. The County Clerk's Office plays a vital role in the functioning of the local government and serves as a primary point of contact for residents seeking various licenses, records, and other services.

Some of the key responsibilities of the Spencer County Clerk's Office include:

To contact the Spencer County Clerk's Office or access their services, you can use the following information:

Spencer County Clerk's Office

Address: 2 W Main St, Taylorsville, KY 40071

Phone: (502) 477-3215

Fax: (502) 477-3216

Email: [email protected]


Office hours may vary, so it is recommended to visit the website or call the office for the most up-to-date information on their hours of operation.

Kentucky Court Records

Kentucky Court Records are official documents and files related to legal proceedings that have taken place within the state's court system. These records contain information about various types of cases, such as criminal, civil, probate, family, and traffic cases. Kentucky Court Records are valuable resources for individuals, legal professionals, and researchers seeking information about a specific case or studying trends in the legal system.

In Kentucky, the court system is organized into four levels:

  1. Supreme Court: This is the highest court in Kentucky and serves as the court of last resort for cases appealed from lower courts. It also has the authority to review decisions made by lower courts and issue advisory opinions on legal matters.
  2. Court of Appeals: This court serves as the intermediate appellate court in Kentucky, handling appeals from Circuit and District Courts.
  3. Circuit Courts: These are trial courts of general jurisdiction, handling a broad range of cases, including civil matters, felony criminal cases, family law cases, and probate cases. Circuit Courts are also responsible for hearing appeals from District Courts.
  4. District Courts: These are limited jurisdiction trial courts that handle misdemeanor criminal cases, traffic cases, small claims, and civil cases with lower dollar amounts.

Access to Kentucky Court Records can vary depending on the type of case, the court level, and specific privacy rules and regulations. Generally, court records are considered public information, but some records may be restricted or confidential, such as juvenile cases, certain family law matters, and cases involving sensitive personal information.

To access Kentucky Court Records, you can:

  1. Visit the Kentucky Court of Justice website ( and use their online services, such as the CourtNet 2.0 system, which provides statewide access to certain case information.
  2. Contact the specific court where the case was heard, as they may maintain records locally.
  3. Visit the court clerk's office in person to request access to records or obtain copies.

Please note that fees may apply for obtaining copies of court records, and there may be additional requirements or restrictions depending on the type of case and the specific court.

Message from the Clerk

As County Clerk of Spencer County, it is the responsibility of the County Clerk to “serve the people” to the best of their ability according to the law.


Our office is located at 2 West Main Street, Taylorsville, Ky 40071.


Spencer County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It was formed from land from nearby existing counties in 1824. The population was 17,061 in the 2010 Census.


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""Proudly serving the people of Spencer County.""